Talking about the etymology of "mix tape" keeps her busy until we are approached by a large person wearing an oversized visor with a smiley face stuck to it. They thank me for the pickup and explain that they have to stay at the club tonight to deal, but they got an order for another party on the same night.

"I really appreciate it," they keep repeating. They are paying me, right? Why are they being so polite?

They hand me a bag of round black tablets with shiny red pentagrams printed on them. "They're a custom blend of XTC and Christodone. Pretty rubbish in my opinion heh. You want to buy some, like, actually good XTC?" they ask, pulling out another bag with powdery pink tablets. "I can sell you a few right next to wholesale if you want." If a dealer hands you some drugs to deliver and asks if you want to buy some, you are a bit obligated to say yes. If you say no, they will worry you might take a slice off the top of the delivery. However, if you say yes, you can usually get a good deal, and sell it later if it's something you don't want. Fortunately, I don't get a chance to refuse because Lime is already thrilled.

"E! That is so perfect for tonight! You are so festive to bring this! We'll take like 4 for now and maybe find you later for more. Are they really strong? Will there be visuals and stuff like the old kind?"

Smiley Visor gives a lengthy description about how they are the best tablets of XTC since 2003 and blah blah blah. I take back my handheld and motion for theirs. Lime launches into a completely unrequested history of the drug, while I pocket the pentagrams. Smiley hunts through their backpack and retrieves their handheld and a black card with a red phone number printed on one side and a red graphic on the other and hands both to me. I enter my CASH number and return it, keeping the card. They politely wait for Lime to finish before telling me that they are expecting the delivery between 9pm and 10pm, and that the party is old people so they might get cranky if I don't get there in time. "That cuts into my busiest hours. I really do appreciate it." They repeat to me and give the pills to Lime, who immediately licks one and shakes her head back and forth. "Yuck! Tastes great!"

It's not quite 9pm right now.

"Do you ever sell Ketamine?" Lime asks.

"Yeah! Just last week. This same promoter as tonight, Quicksilver- they had a 1990s-themed rave, and I made a killing there!"

"Just like Michael Alig!" Lime interjects.


"I'm sorry. That was totally fucked up of me to say!" she exclaimes, covering her mouth. "And Angel was a drug dealer too! Uhg I'm the worst. I'm really really sorry."

"Um. It's okay..." They say, patting Lime on the shoulder. "I forgive you."

"Thank you." Lime's face is frozen in a horrible grimace. "Is it still cool if I buy some Ketamine from you?"

"Sorry, I don't have any with me tonight, and I only ever sell at parties. Well, I'll sell any leftovers to a shop at the Flea Market if I need to make some cash for supplies, but that K went really fast." Lime looks cartoonishly dissapointed. From what I've heard, Ketamine is pretty miserable. "I'll probably be making some again. Ya know, if I hear that another 1990s party is happening again. It was really popular. I just don’t like selling outside of events, you understand. Really sorry about that." Lime smiles and says that she hopes she sees them again.

We head out of the room and into the hallway. It already feels more busy out here. "I wonder how much they were selling it for..." Lime looks back into the dark blue room. "Probably a lot, I mean it's so rare."

"Yeah but it sounds like they sold out. They couldn't have been selling it for that much I mean how much CASH does the average raver have on them?" I say.

"Uhg they probably priced it too low and now they are going realize they should be charging more and jack up the price. Maybe I can talk them into making a batch just to sell to me."

"That would cost a fortune!"

"Maybe I'll get rich!"

"What are you going to do with all that shit? You won't be able to take it all. Are you going to sell it? Give it to those poor girls who live with you?" Lime drives me crazy sometimes. You can't just buy thousands of doses of some old fashioned drug that probably gives you heart failure and not expect it will draw the police to your apartment. Maybe that is what she wants.

"I could use it to frame J," she says, a wonderfully evil smile crawling up her face.

"That's just what I was thinking!" I laugh. We giggle our way up the stairs together. It's amazing how so much time can go by and it feels like we've been together the whole time.

We head upstairs past the main floor to the second floor. Several dozen people are already dancing. Lime searches the crowd carefully and spots someone she knows. She zooms over to them with outstretched arms.



"I haven't seen you in forever!"

"You look amazing!"

"Well I hope so, I've been cryogenically frozen since the last party."

"Heh. Yeah I haven't seen you anywhere for a while. Are you still doing deliveries?"

I should get my delivery out of the way now before the party gets going and I lose Lime to everyone else here. I butt in to tell Lime that I don't know how far away the dropoff is and I have to call to find out, so I'm going to head outside to call. She gestures for me to message her and turns back to Ziggy. So annoying. She never liked Ziggy. She complained about them all the time. I never realized how much her old identity meant to her or even that it had become old already. It's hard to notice the time away from the scene fly by, especially when you still have to show up to it for work every week. Although, where has Lime been delivering to if she hasn't been to a party in so long?

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