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"Why do you think you are so controversial?" He asked, his head tipped to the side, like she hadn't already been asked this a thousand times.

"They're afraid of me." She smiles.

"Don't you think you might be doing things to scare people?"

"It's not my fault they're afraid. I just do what I want."

"In your last video, you growl like a dog and bite at the camera, and there is blood dripping out of your mouth. This imagry quite literally makes you look like a monster."

"I just like blood. Don't you like blood?"

"Ah... No. I don't like blood, it's not uh..."

"When you are bleeding, don't you want to taste it?" She asks, leaning into him.

"You mean like a cut on my finger?" He laughs...

"When you see blood dripping out a pussy don't you want to touch it? Don't you want to just smear it on you?"

"You're saying this to make me uncomfortable." He says. "You want people to be uncomfortable with you."

"I don't want you to feel fucked up. I want you to think about that pussy. About that blood smeared on your dick. That's what I want to think about."

"Not everyone likes blood."

"I bet you do."

"I don't."

"Let's ask your exgirlfriend."


"Bet she was shy at first. But she was on her period and wanted to fuck so bad so she just let you. She was like oops! and you were all... Noooo sweetieeee! don't be embarassed! It's fine! But it was more than fine."

He didn't stop her.

"Remember seeing the stain on the sheets?"

Her grin beared down on him.

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