D: FILE 0004

Reo wonders if they'll ever fix the flikering lights over the service counter. All the rest of the lights work fine. But if they face the wall, all their movements look like some sort of real life glitch. Their arm studders in front of the grid of cigarette packs. And a voice bounces across the store.

"This thing is FUCKED! UP!" They shout, slamming a hand into the side of a gambling machine. Or maybe it was a foot.

Reo rolls over to the other end of the counter to see them down the ailse.

The back of his hoodie had a photo of a blue motorcycle and the words "IT IS WHAT IT IS" in all caps underneath.

What is it?

Security Camera 7 shows their face pulled up into their forehead.

"Man! This thing is broken!" They shout again.

Reo eyes the security alert button and waits. They usually just simmer down on their own. But here they come, bounding up to the counter.

"Man! This thing is broken!" They repeat.

"I'm sorry." Reo starts...

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