D: FILE 0003-2

Egkro has a big fan that blows the rain down into the grated floor. Once it stops blowing, the welcome tone announces her entrance.

She steps solemnly between the shelves. Her stomach turns, now too nauseous to want anything. Chips would be easy to eat. The overhead light waves over into green-white and she passes by the bags, full of AromaAir and chips. The letters on each bag slide across each other. Just as she is able to make out the name of a vegetable, it falls off the bag onto the floor. This one might say CORN... NORC... NORI...RINGS... She grabs a bag and swings around to face the coolers.

The white light and pours through each colored bottle across her face. Blue, Violet, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow... How does she know what to do? Does one feel right? Is one of them who she is already, and it's just a matter of finidng a match? Or do her desires change faster than her identity? Or is her identity not based on her desires at all? But how can she see who she is unless she makes a choice? What choices are left? We only have what we find in an Egkro at 5AM.

And even if she did know... Even if somehow she didn't need to be here to know, could it matter? What power can knowledge have with no way to manifest it through an action?

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