RainE: FILE 0001

I didn't know you could fill holes in socks until I met RaineDrop.

Like I didn't know how helpless I was until I saw someone else saying, "well obviousy you just fix it."

You know RaineDrop never bought nothing new.

Even all the things they got to fix their old things were old.

They'd be like, "It's all just fibers"

Didn't explain nothing.

They must have been real good at finding things. Like just looking at a pile of junk and spotting the part they need. I have to spend hours, days, weeks, you know, if I have to leave the city- to look for trash parts. I always think, If RaineDrop was here, they'd just see right through the junk and spot it for me. See through the chaos of this pile and help me find what I need.

RainE: FILE 0002

Most people don't know this but RainE used to make memes.

Nothing that got outside of Arachne but they were probably their most read threads before they started responding to Helps.

They weren't funny. It was during that period where everyone was making fun of cleanses and purification rituals. RootRot puns, Bacteria Communism. That kinda thing.

But there was this one that didn't get a lot of views but always stuck with me.

It had a photo of a bridge. It was like a big chunk of freeway that didn't connect to anything. Just broken off.

The text was this bold red sans that just said "HEDGE."

RainE: FILE 0003

I don't think I would have bothered to read their Helps if it weren't for those fingernails.

It was the one about refitting silicone rings. The kind on those big retail cubes.

And they were manipulating the silicone in each shot you know, like their fingers were in the shot and their nails were so long and like tubular?

Like, I look at mine and they just seem so thin and flat in comparison.

These were like tree roots or something.

I found myself thinking- what kind of person ends up with fingernails like that?

I followed them ever since.

RainE: FILE 0004

I sent them a drill set once.

It seems stupid now, but it just drove me crazy to see them drill holes with that pedal contraption when they could just use a regular drill. I kept thinking- if they had a real drill, they'd save hours.

So I sent them a drill set.

When I got the delivery confirmation and never saw it in their posts, I was even more annoyed.

After the 3rd post they made with that pedal thing, I sent them a message asking if they got the drill. They, of course, never replied. I did see that Stormu was using a drill just like the one I sent. Might be a coincidence though.

RainE: FILE 0005

Magic wasn't flowing from their fingers, like a witch.

It plopped out.

Globbed out.

In heavy gobs every time they shook something between their hands.

RainE: FILE 0006

I don't know why people sent RaineDrop gifts. Like, how could you not get it that wrong? I'm pretty sure they just broke all those things down for parts.

You know that big shelf of boxes in the background of their posts? They're filled with parts from brand new crap people sent.

I know for a fact the rod they use for the foam applicator was a Hero brand screwdriver and you know they aren't finding anything by Hero in the trash.

Not in LA, anyway.

Not where trash = C.A.S.H.

RainE: FILE 0007

I know this is like A Topic or whatever but there is no evidence that RaineDrop wore any clothes. I know, that doesn't prove that they didn't own any but why would they? What good would clothes have done them? Clothes don't make sense with their whole living philosophy. Also, do you think they could have kept any temperature regulation systems when they could have used it for parts? Some of the best wide tubing comes from those systems because they have to be strong enough so that rats can't chew through them. Pretty valuable to an artificer. Why would they waste it keeping their place cool when they could have just not worn clothes?

RainE: FILE 0008

The first pair of Electromagnetic skates I made was from a RainE post. I paid way too much for a pair of antique Rollerblades. I sold them for CASH years ago but I still have the wheels. I don't know why I kept them. I guess I thought I was gonna use them for something. I think following RainE gives you this inaccurate impression of how useful random crap is.

RainE: FILE 0009

I had just failed my 3rd research quota when I started seeing RainE's posts. I felt like shit that I couldn't keep this job that everyone says is so easy. I don't really know how to explain it. It's not like RainE ever talked about their struggles but I just felt connected with them. No one knows where they lived or if they had $$$ but I think it was pretty obvious from their posts that they didn't have money or anyone taking care of them. And I guess I felt like, well if this weird little person can get by here in LA just banging on trash and living on trades, then maybe I can too.

RainE: FILE 0010

As you are all aware, I had a feud with RaineDrop during WingnutGate. I never got the chance to defend myself because they refused to be open about the issue. But I always had so much respect for them and what the did for the community. They were 1 of the first to really start the Manifest Movement, even if they never said so. I think it was just their style to not meta. Some people said that they acted like it was beneath them but in their heart they were a good person and really cared about the community. We shared many dreams for our viewers in our private correspondences. I may release our private messages on my page later this month if it feels appropriate...

RainE: FILE 0011

It's bullshit that we are all considering RainE dead just because they haven't posted in 8 months. Like, I know that's standard but RainE was never a consistent poster. When did any standards apply to them? I just think it's absurd. I'm sure RainE is still out there making shit, they probably just lost server access or something.

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